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  • Luke Ch 7 Mr Alan Macgregor 18th August p.m.

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  • Genesis Ch 4 +Hebrews Ch 12 Mr Alan Macgregor18th August a.m.

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  • Philemon Ch 1 Pastor Foster Wright 14th August p.m.

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Visiting Speakers

Mr Tim Rawlinson. 25/8/19.
Mr Tim Rawlinson. 01/09/19.
Mr Eric Scot. 08/09/19.
Mr Stuart Bell. 15/09/19.
Mr Benjamin Lowery. 22/09/19.
Mr John Townend. 29/0919.
Mr James Morris. 06/10/19.
Pastor John Shearer 13/10/19.

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    Hello. Our new web site is now live.  We are really pleased that you visited us today and that you will be greatly blessed whilst listening to the sermons.

    Church Sec.

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  • Sunday Morning Service

    Sunday 18th August Mr Alan Macgregor.
    Genesis Ch 4 vs 1-16 + Hebrews Ch 12 v 24.
    1. Condemnation. 2. Comparison.
    3. Contrast. 4. Consideration.

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  • Wednesday evening service.

    Wednesday 14th of August @ 7.30 p.m.
    Pastor Foster Wright. Philemon Ch 1 vs 4-7.
    1. Paul and Prayer.
    2. Philemon and his Confession.

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  • Sunday evening service

    Sunday 18th August Mr Alan Macgregor.
    Luke Ch 7. vs 1-10.
    1. Request.
    2. Response.
    3. Reward.

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  • Women’s Meeting

    The women’s meeting has closed for the summer. It will begin later on in the year.

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Next Event

New Cumnock Evangelical Church.

On Wednesday August the 28th we will be having a joint prayer meeting with New Cumnock Baptist Church in the Baptist Church @ 7.30p.m.  These prayer meetings will then take place at the end of every month.  The next prayer meeting will  be in September 25th at the Evangelical Church @ 7.30p.m.   And then alternative months thereafter.


Monthly Gospel Passage.

1.Peter Ch 1.v 22.
Seeing ye have purified your souls in obeying the truth through the Spirit unto unfeigned love of the brethern, see that ye love one another with a pure heart fervently.