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  • 2 Timothy Ch 2 Dr Stewart Gillespie 22nd January p.m.

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  • Ezekiel Ch 37 Mr Tim Rawlinson 19th January pm.

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  • Matthew Ch 2 + Hosea Ch 11 Mr Tim Rawlinson 19th January am

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Visiting Speakers

Mr John Rawlinson 26/01/20.
Mr Stuart Bell. 02/02/20
Pastor Rod Cox. 09/02/20
Mr Andy Murray. 16/02/20
Mr Tim Rawlinson. 23/02/20
Mr Alan Macgregor. 01/03/20
Mr Harry Carruthers. 08/03/20
Mr Colin Park. 15/03/20
Mr Stuart Bell. 22/03/20
Pastor Foster Wright. 29/03/20



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  • News.

    Hello. Our new web site is now live.  We are really pleased that you visited us today and that you will be greatly blessed whilst listening to the sermons.

    Church Sec.

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  • Sunday Morning Service

    Sunday 19th January 2020 Mr Tim Rawlinson.
    Matthew Ch 2 vs 1-15. Hosea Ch 11 vs 1-11.
    1 The Fathers Love. 2. The Sons Response.
    3. The Fathers Distress. 4.The Fathers Wrath.
    5. The Fathers Turmoil. 6. The Fathers Call

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  • Wednesday evening service.

    Prayer Meeting & Bible Study. Wednesday 22nd January 7.30p.m.
    Speaker: Dr Stewart Gillespie. 2Timothy Ch 2 vs 1-13.
    1. The Soldier.
    2. The Athlete.
    3. The Farmer.

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  • Sunday evening service

    Sunday 19th January 2020 Mr Tim Rawlinson.
    Ezekiel Ch 37 vs 1-14.
    1. The Picture. 2. The Promise.
    3. The Plan.
    4. The Practice.

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  • Women’s Meeting

    The next Ladies Meeting will be on Tuesday the 21st of January @ 7p.m.
    This will be an Open Meeting.

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Next Event

New Cumnock Evangelical Church.
Anniversary Weekend.
Saturday the 25th & Sunday the 26th of April 2020
Singer: Mr Alex Robb Nothern Ireland.
Speaker: Mr Oliver Baker.

Monthly Gospel Passage.

Psalm. 62. vs 1.

“Truly my soul waiteth upon God: from him cometh my salvation”.