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  • Daniel Ch 2 Pastor Bill Ferguson 16th October p.m.

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  • 1 Peter Ch 1 Pastor John Shearer 13th October p.m.

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  • Joshua Ch 23 Pastor John Shearer 13th October a.m.

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Visiting Speakers

Mr Benjamin Lowery 20/10/19.
Mr Benjamin Lowery 27/10/19.
Pastor Robert Dale 03/11/19.
Pastor Bill Ferguson 10/11/19.
Mr Stuart Bell 17/11/19.
Mr Joe Brown 24/11/19.
Mr Harry Carruthers 01/12/19.
Pastor Foster Wright 08/12/19
Pastor Foster Wright 15/12/19

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  • News.

    Hello. Our new web site is now live.  We are really pleased that you visited us today and that you will be greatly blessed whilst listening to the sermons.

    Church Sec.

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  • Sunday Morning Service

    Sunday 13th October Pastor John Shearer.
    Joshua Ch 23 vs 1-16.
    1. A Challenge to be Different.
    2. A Challenge to be Vigilant.
    3. A Challenge to be Obedient.

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  • Wednesday evening service.

    Wednesday 16th October Pastor Bill Ferguson. Daniel Ch 2. vs 1-49.
    Living as a Christian in a Hostile World.
    1. Prayer.
    2. Praise.
    3. Testimony.

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  • Sunday evening service

    Sunday 13th October Pastor John Shearer.
    1. Peter Ch 1 vs 13-25. Redeemed.
    1. Redeemed From What?
    2. Redeemed What With?
    3. Redeemed What For?

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  • Women’s Meeting

    The next Women’s Meeting will be on Tuesday the 22nd of October at 7p.m.
    Speaker: Anne Martin from Ayr.

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Next Event

New Cumnock Evangelical Church.
The next two events will be New Cumnock Evangelical Church Annual Business Meeting on 30th October @ 7.30.p.m.

The next joint prayer meeting will be on November 27th at New Cumnock Baptist Church @ 7.30p.m.

Monthly Gospel Passage.

Acts Ch 15 v 11.
“But we believe that through the grace of The Lord Jesus Christ we shall be saved, even as they”.